We design, build and sell wireless data services. Our core values are:


- Simplicity
- Effective
- Reliable


Our services are based on a smart combination of Hardware and Software.



Hardware and Software

The electronics prints (PCB) have been designed and programmed in-house. The PCB has been developed on the basis of an industrial standard of at least 10 years of use. Mobifox independently selects the components to be used on the print using only a-brands. The microcontroller on which the firmware is programmed has been selected with great attention. Important selection criteria are: computing power, memory and power consumption. & nbsp; The combination of embedded sensors, ICs and I / Os makes the Mobifox print unique in its kind to develop quickly, reliably and cost-effectively for new services. The software's long-term development time (firmware) makes the Mobifox print very reliable and bug-free.


Because we take electronics and software as the starting point for our service, we have an advantage over many other suppliers. Other solutions often make use of purchased semi-finished products from abroad. The Mobifox services are designed, produced and controlled in the Netherlands. As a result, we keep the lines short and we are not dependent on third parties that we do not have control over (supplier's independence fully guaranteed). & Nbsp;


Cloud or Own management

The Mobifox measurement data is presented in the Mobifox Cloud environment. The secure login is possible from any web browser, PC, tablet or telephone. In the Mobifox Cloud the measurement data of the electronics and sensors are translated into management information and presented in clear graphs and tables. Through the Cloud, the customer can independently make settings and changes to the remote electronics. Receive alert notifications by email / phone / SMS, for example when a minimum set stock is reached, is easy to set up in the Cloud. & Nbsp;


The Cloud also offers the possibility to open the measurement data to other ERP systems. We offer APIs that can easily be integrated.