Mobifox distinguishes itself by the hardware design, and the software development own management. We develop Printed Circuit Boards (printed circuit board) according to an industrial standard. All components on the PCB are carefully selected. We take into account replaceability, delivery times and costs of the components in order to guarantee durability and reliability. The printed circuit board is equipped with embedded sensors and microcontrollers. One of the unique features of the hardware and software is the ultra low power consumption. Our power management software makes it possible to minimize the power consumption of the PCB to 9μA / h. This feature makes the PCB very suitable for working on battery power instead of external mains power.


The PCB is equipped with a GSM / GPRS modem for communication to our Gateway. The gateway collects the data from the printed circuit boards in the field. The Gateway is very stable and flexible in its design. This middleware supports various protocols and is protected against unauthorized access. The Mobifox Gateway places the received data in the corresponding database where the underlying web application offers a clear and intuitive user interface.